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Caryl Hancock

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Caryl Hancock, a local fabric and fiber artist creates these stunning silk scarves by hand dying and marbling them. The silk comes from China and the edges of the scarves are hand rolled. Caryl has two different types of scarves available, marbled scarves and the French Devore' scarves.

The marbled scarves are 100% silk. Marbling is a technique where paint is floated on water and patterns are combed into it. The scarf is then layed on top to capture the unique image. She also uses an ancient Japanese technique called suminagashi. She drops a special ink upon the surface of water which ripples outward and creates stunning designs on the silk as it is placed across the water.  They are truly remarkable. Every one of them is original. 

French Devore scarves are hand dyed as well. Devore is french for devour. The patterns are created by a burn out technique that eats away the rayon material to create the pattern in silk. Since the silk is a natural fiber and the rayon is synthetic, two different dyes are used. One that is will only affect plant based fiber is chose for the one color and one that will ony adhere to synthetic fiber is chosen for the other. Caryl has used the snow dyeing technique on some of these scarves for an even more unusual effect. Snow dying uses the cold temperature from the snow to separate the different dye pigments which yields a lovely multicolored design on the silk as it dries.


Marbled scarves cost $50 and the French Devore' are $60. Stop in and try one on today!